We offer a variety of fulfillment options designed to give you back your valuable time, thus allowing you to focus on what you do best. Let us tie your ribbons, add embellishments, and assemble your custom designs.

We also offer custom packaging services, where we count and collate any number of cards and envelopes.  Once collated, we will package them in bags and/or boxes.    

Custom Design Assembly:  Our experienced staff will paste your multilevel designs together then add what other necessary embellishments are required such as complex ribbon-tying and jewel placement.

Custom Assembly / Packaging Services:  We offer card-counting and separating fulfillment options for your designs.  You decide how many different designs and the various quantities you would like for us to collate and we handle the rest. We will also take your collated designs and package them in bags or boxes.  Once packaged, we will store your designs in a secure on-site storage location.